Sunday, February 27, 2011

RAW 9/52

Week 9: Beach Stone Blues

Here, in the Northeast, we take our summertime seriously. We are desperately waiting for warmer weather here in Massachusetts, so this week's ring offers a taste---- A stone picked up from a beach and sterling silver prongs.  Something to contemplate on these cold days and to remind us that change is coming...

 It is my first successful attempt at prong (or is it claw?) setting. This is not a traditional prong setting that you would see on a faceted stone, but made with 1.6 mm sterling square wire. I like that the prongs are really reaching around and gripping the stone. I may give this to my sister, who lives in Colorado and misses living near the coast and her time at the beach.

C'mon Summer, hurry up and get here!

Old Lyme Shores, CT

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