Sunday, February 6, 2011

RAW 6/52

Week 6 of Ring a Week (RAW):
This week's ring is a continuation of my new fascination with setting stones. I am not really sure why I never set stones in the 15+ years that I have made jewelry, but I am getting much satisfaction from designing, setting, and shopping for stones!  The vast majority of the jewelry I have made has been production jewelry, using castings as the main components. It is really nice to get back to making things that are completely fabricated and one of a kind. 

This week's ring is sterling silver and amethyst sage agate. I love its asymmetry. It will be listed on my etsy shop.

It is fortunate that I rarely clean up my workspace, because I do a lot of designing and figuring out right at my bench, in the middle of process. This ring came into being by using the scraps of wire and spare castings laying about the bench.

Check out the flikr RAW group to see what the other members have created this week!

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