Monday, February 21, 2011

RAW 8/52

Ring a Week:  KAPOW!!!
This week's ring is made from a fossilized dinosaur bone and sterling silver. I think the color, size, and origin of the cabochon speaks of power and strength. I made a simple bezel to contain the fossil, then embellished it with some cast elements that I usually use as necklace parts. After making them, I wear my Ring A Week pieces to school for a day (I am a high school teacher), and this one has garnered the most notice and comments from my students. I think all of the elements work really well together.

The bezel settings are pretty easy and quick for me to make now, and I have attempted some prong settings. Not going so well, but I am figuring it out and hope to show a big, fat prong setting in a ring next week.

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  1. Love your ring designs and your drawings too!! Look forward to getting to know you and your work better this year!!