Sunday, October 2, 2011

EtsyMetal Blog Carnival

October Topic: "Lets Talk About Food!"
The weather is cooling, Fall cooking season is 'round the corner. Tell us about some of your eating habits, philosophies, favorite foods and share a seasonal recipe!

 When I come home after a long day, I actually find that preparing a meal to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I love food preparation, shopping, cookbook collecting, and of course, eating!  When my family moved from Boston out to the suburbs, one of the advantages was starting a garden in the yard. This has started my interest in food preserving, primarily canning and pickling excess produce, to enjoy throughout the year.  I always thought of canning as outdated, but it has lately experienced a resurgence, due to people's desire to eat seasonally and locally. It is also economical and I think, fun and crafty.

Here is an awesome book on the subject, but there are many great info sources on the web, click on the recipe links below to view a few recipes I have tried... 

This summer we have had a great tomato and veg season and I have canned at least:

6 pints of tomato chutney
4 1/2 pints of bbq sauce
9 quarts of tomato sauce
6 pints of salsa
8 pints of strawberry balsamic black pepper jam
5 pints of indian chutney
10 pints of spicy corn relish
4 quarts of pickled carrots 
6 quarts of dilly beans

A bit obsessive, I know. It satisfies my hoarding impulse. There is also something very satisfying about lining up all of the jars on shelves in the basement, Mission accomplished!

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