Sunday, July 10, 2011

Etsymetal Blog Carnival

Topic: "Artist's Work That Has Influenced My Own"

 I am inspired by artists who work with respect for traditional techniques and create well-crafted objects. One artist that immediately comes to mind is the sculptor Martin Puryear. I have been in love with his work since I was an undergrad and saw some large pieces at the MFA in Boston.

I like the way he distills forms, but they still have warmth and soul. The markings of the maker and the labor-intensive energy is evident in the work. Reverence for material and process provide much of the meaning. There is a beautiful and tactile quality that is appealing to me as a crafts person and artist.

Here is a picture of Martin Puyear in his studio. Check out all of those tools!

Here is an installation of his work at SF MOMA last year.

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  1. Excellent! I love his work!
    I have a photo of my picked artist at his studio too :) I love to see their work and their studios too!

  2. Gorgeous forms and texture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. His work is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your article.

  4. What neat pieces; they have so much volume. Very jealous of all those tools!

  5. Cor, those are lovely. They remind me a bit of the sculpture of David Nash...